Your First Web Site – Concept

So you are ready to create you first website. Be it on your own or working with a web design/development/hosting firm.

There are several questions that will help you avoid un-necessary features that will move leads away from your message and cost more money and development time.

What is this site doing for me?

Is it getting newsletter subscribers? – You should have a mailing list signup.

It you site trying to get leads to buy something. – You should have an e-commerce solution or links to the stores that carry your products.

Is your site moving people in to your physical location? – You really should have a map and links to google maps so people can navigate there.

What is my story?

Every good site needs a story. If not to share and connect with your customers, to rank on google. SEO is a part of the planning process. Knowing the words they will search for, will help you rank when they search by those words.

How are you going to make money?

Do you have a plan for monetization of your site? Are you selling an e-book? Are you selling physical products? Are you generating leads that will contact you and get other sales?

How do you measure success of your website? Is it news letter subscriptions? Or is it based on annual sales? This allows you to figure out where your site can be changed and improved.