Odd Mall – A Retrospective.

My good friends over at Oddmall.info and more specifically OddmallOutpost.com got hacked. It was a reasonably annoying hack, and it had caused them to switch hosting providers.

I worked to restore their sites from some backups. They are up and running better than ever and hacks cleaned out. Awesome, right? Well yes. Now there have been a few challenges that were residual from the hacks. We have got most of them tamed.

So what next, they wanted to add an online consignment shop! Over the past few days I have worked to tweak their systems to show off their products. They are maintaining the site them selfs so it is coming along great. I am working with them to fix issues with their chosen theme and set up technologies to enable them to have a POS at their physical store that tracks inventory at both their physical and online stores.

I really enjoy working with Andy and his team, they are amazing clients. I am stoked to see them on an amazing path to success!