IoT – Update – The Board is in.

D1 ESP8266 12ESo fresh off the boat from China, I got my ESP8266 12E WeMos D1 – Discontinued and super cheap.

I have it connecting to WiFi and also updating the website. I am still waiting on the distance sensor to show up, but otherwise it is almost ready for it’s first test. I also have apache Cordova installed for the phone app side, that will be the next thing I work on after winter break is over.

This is a multi disciplinary project, so far I have had to program an API server, a Arduino compatible chip, I have started on the Apache Cordova Project which is web services inside of a Java or Swift wrapper. All that is left is to make the desktop site. I programmed the API over a lumen backend (Laravel 5.5 that has the blade templates removed)

So what is next:

Add accounts and logins to the backend and app. – (I explained the project to my family and I have an uncle who wants one.)

Make sure the distance sensor works.

Finish the android phone App, as well as the iPad & iPhone app.

Order in a non developer board.

Once, I get the production board, design a 3d printable housing.

Goto my local maker space and print a housing.

The reason this is such an epic cool thing is that it is a real tangible thing that solves an annoyance for me.

I will likely add a second micro controller and a motor board with a small motor to press the garage door button so that I have a fully smart garage door that is not reliant on the short range garage door opener that it came with.

A normal home owner would just go out and buy a smart garage door opener – but since I rent my apartment, that is not an option. So I have to do something that will do basically the same thing but not damage the existing opener or the structure it is attached to.