Coding-Toaster – Ready to start coding?

Want to learn to code? Have a laptop? Great you have everything you need to get started.

We begin with simple HTML, moving on to CSS then Bootstrap. After you have a solid understanding of how to display data, we begin work on jQuery and Javascript. Once you get that far on your journey, we will explore Node.js and Express.js and Mongo/Mongoose databases. Spiced in here will be things like EJS and Git. The practice will be based – they have a huge amount of great content that sometimes could be helped with a real mentor (trust me, I was there at one point.)

With this course, there will be home work that is expected every week – about 7-8 hours per week. You will have a mentor on call most hours of the day.

Right now our weekly meetings will likely be held at the Brecksville Public Library Wednesday nights at about 7-8 – Once a month or so the library has a standing event, we will meet on google hangouts (it is better for linux users than skype.)

To keep everyone honest and accountable there will be a small fee of $10 per week.

Our next start date is 3/28/2018.

To Enroll please send an E-Mail to Carl