Coding-Toaster – Ready to start coding?

Want to learn to code? Have a laptop? Great you have everything you need to get started.

We begin with simple HTML, moving on to CSS then Bootstrap. After you have a solid understanding of how to display data, we begin work on jQuery and Javascript. Once you get that far on your journey, we will explore Node.js and Express.js and Mongo/Mongoose databases. Spiced in here will be things like EJS and Git. The practice will be based – they have a huge amount of great content that sometimes could be helped with a real mentor (trust me, I was there at one point.)

With this course, there will be home work that is expected every week – about 7-8 hours per week. You will have a mentor on call most hours of the day.

Right now our weekly meetings will likely be held at the Brecksville Public Library Wednesday nights at about 7-8 – Once a month or so the library has a standing event, we will meet on google hangouts (it is better for linux users than skype.)

To keep everyone honest and accountable there will be a small fee of $10 per week.

Our next start date is 3/28/2018.

To Enroll please send an E-Mail to Carl

Odd Mall – A Retrospective.

My good friends over at and more specifically got hacked. It was a reasonably annoying hack, and it had caused them to switch hosting providers.

I worked to restore their sites from some backups. They are up and running better than ever and hacks cleaned out. Awesome, right? Well yes. Now there have been a few challenges that were residual from the hacks. We have got most of them tamed.

So what next, they wanted to add an online consignment shop! Over the past few days I have worked to tweak their systems to show off their products. They are maintaining the site them selfs so it is coming along great. I am working with them to fix issues with their chosen theme and set up technologies to enable them to have a POS at their physical store that tracks inventory at both their physical and online stores.

I really enjoy working with Andy and his team, they are amazing clients. I am stoked to see them on an amazing path to success!

Hosting – Google’s SSL Requirement

In the past 10 or so years, there has been a trend towards SSL (Secure Socket Layer Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) you may have noticed certain sites have a green logo near their address. And begin with https://

The https means hyper text transfer protocol secured. What does this mean for you and why am I wasting my time writing about it.

If your site is not using https, your site will be placed lower in the Google ratings. I also offer hosting with a free SSL certificate. Coincidence – nope most decent web hosts have known about this for a year or more.

If you are hosting with another company that is going to charge you $100 or more dollars for their certificate, give me a call and we will see what you would need to get you moved on to a server!

Your First Website – Design

Design, an art and science. I have read more books than I care to remember on this topic. I have worked with other professional designers on sites as well.

The goal of the design facet of the project, is to create a site you would want to brag to your friends about. But simplicity is your best friend. If a website has too many “bells and whistles” it slows down the page’s load times (bad) and hurts the users finding what they want (very bad). You also want your message/product/metric for success on the top of the page. This makes it easy for the user to find what you want them to.¬† Continue reading “Your First Website – Design”

Your First Website – Domain

“A rose by any other name¬†would smell as sweet.” -Shakespeare

What’s in a name – a lot. That’s why some domains cost thousands and thousands of dollars per year.

Most cost $10-$15, you can go to and buy your own, or you can go to someplace like The process is mostly the same and fairly simple.

Step 1 – Go to the site. Continue reading “Your First Website – Domain”

Your First Web Site – Concept

So you are ready to create you first website. Be it on your own or working with a web design/development/hosting firm.

There are several questions that will help you avoid un-necessary features that will move leads away from your message and cost more money and development time.

What is this site doing for me?

Is it getting newsletter subscribers? – You should have a mailing list signup. Continue reading “Your First Web Site – Concept”

IoT – Update – The Board is in.

So fresh off the boat from China, I got my ESP8266 12E WeMos D1 – Discontinued and super cheap.

I have it connecting to WiFi and also updating the website. I am still waiting on the distance sensor to show up, but otherwise it is almost ready for it’s first test. I also have apache Cordova installed for the phone app side, that will be the next thing I work on after winter break is over.

This is a multi disciplinary project, so far I have had to program an API server, a Arduino compatible chip, I have started on the Apache Cordova Project which is web services inside of a Java or Swift wrapper. All that is left is to make the desktop site. I programmed the API over a lumen backend (Laravel 5.5 that has the blade templates removed)

So what is next: Continue reading “IoT – Update – The Board is in.”

The Internet of Things

So what happens when you have kids. Well if you are anything like me you live in a distracted state almost everyday. So, did I leave the garage door up or down? Do I feel Lucky, well do I? It’s Schrodinger’s garage door, until it is observed it is both up and down.

Enter some electronics from China.

ESP89266 12E and an ultrasonic distance sensor. Coupled with a REST API server programmed on top of the Lumen Frame work should make for a good time. I’ll fill in the blanks in a month when the parts get here from China.

Hosting-Toaster Who We Are

Who is

So far it is only me, Carl Kashnier. I have been hosting sites for well over 10 years at this point. I have been building websites for about 20 years. I live and work in the Akron, Barberton, Fairlawn Ohio area.

I love programming, it has been my hobby since the ripe old age of 10. I started with programming a language similar to javascript. It was programming old zMud. Any way once I hit the limit there Continue reading “Hosting-Toaster Who We Are”